Hello! My name is Siddharth

I am a User Experience Researcher and Interaction Designer who believes in creating value for businesses

How do you make ad hoc event coordination as convenient and comfortable as your daily routine? Detail a digital service that provides individual assistance for attendees of a group social event such as a night out for dinner and a movie. Read more...

21 Hours (Spring Break 2015)

    Event Co-ordination Service

    Intercept Interviews, Secondary Research, Affinity Diagram, Persona, Empathy Mapping, Journey Mapping, Rapid Wire-framing, Hi-fidelity Mockups

We were asked to identify and explore actionable best in class CRM and Social Innovations for Kimberly Clark's Goodnites and Pullups brands. Read more...

Summer 2014

    Kimberly Clark

    Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Secondary Research, CRM, Best in class Audit, Wire-framing, Hi-fidelity Mockups

Smartphone ain’t smart--it has no agency. But we can make it work smart. Better still, we can use it to make our lives a little bit smarter, challenging the clumsiness of our social settings. In other words, we are here to promote how we can leverage our mobile phones to augment our sociability--yes it’s a skill--in a real-life setting. Read more...

February 2014- Present

    Social Mobile Application

    Product Management, Interaction Design, Intercept Interviews, Ethnography Research, Personas, Task Analysis, Hallway Testing, Competitive Analysis, Best in Class Audit, Business Modeling

If we search for “mental health” on Google, we get more than 2 billions results. These astronomical figures represents a strong interest and serious concern on this issue. In actuality, mental health problems have become more common in the US. Read more...

Sept 14- December 14

    U & Me

    Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Project Management, Comparative Analysis, Affinity Wall, Lo-fi Mockups, Hi-fidelity Mockups

How to best market Microsoft Surface to University of Michigan students? Read more...

September 2013- Decemeber 2013

    Microsoft Surface

    Quantitative Research (Surveys), Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, IBM SPSS, Secondary Research, Comparative Analysis

Design and prototype an interactive system for an improved, more intense and stronger connection between long distance relationships. Read more...

September 2013- December 2013

    Wearable Technology

    Interaction Design, Paper Prototyping, Scenarios, Storyboarding, QOC Notation, Lo-fi Mockups, Hi-fi Mockups

QMetry is a quality assurance test management program created by InfoStretch. In a world of enterprise-oriented software that often lacks an emphais on end-user usability, InfoStretch aims to set QMetry apart with an empahsis on the user experience. My team and I were assigned to evaluate the usability of an upcoming version of QMetry's SaaS offering. Read more...

January 2014- April 2014


    Interaction Mapping, Quantitative Research(Surveys), Personas & Scenarios, Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Analysis, Product Management, Usability Testing

Update the site's RSVP form to allow users to choose preferred dates for community visits. This would also better prepare communities and make scheduling visits more efficient. Read more...

Summer 2014


    Information Architecture, User Flows, Rapid Wire-framing, Competitive Analysis, Spec Requirements

Design a home page mockup with the drop-down menu shown in the opened state and in-text hyperlinks behavior, 2 sub-pages (Contact: text + form+map, Who We Are (at least 5 team members)), favicon, typography guide. Read more...

32 hours


    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Kuller, Design Concept and Theme Creation, Typography, Logo Design, Web design

Conglomeration of design work (Typography, Alphabet Poster, Infographics, Business Card Design). Read more...

6 days

    Graphic Design

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Kuller, Design Concept and Theme Creation, Typography, Logo Design, Webdesign

Promotion material for You Never Know (Logo Design, Webdesign, IOS Mockups, Business Card). Read more...

21 hours

    You Never Know

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Kuller, Design Concept and Theme Creation, Typography, Logo Design, Web design, Layout, Image Selection

My fascination for Instagram comes from my start-up. I am curious to find reasons why users get deeply involved with social networks as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, what makes only certain networks insanely successful and addictive? Instagram has recently gained tremendous popularity. It is everywhere from my friends posting their selfies to seeing Instagram posts on my Facebook feeds. Researching further I found it is fastest growing social network in the world that has even surpassed Facebook’s record for the number of new users. My curiosity started to grow and find more about Instagram. Read more...

January 2014- April 2014


    Plug and Play, Norms, Classification, Affordances, Usability, Visibility, Aesthetics, Algorithms, Communities, Decision Making

Develop user-flows and wireframes for adding progressive profiling to KC websites. Read more...

Summer 2014


    Wire-framing, Axure RP, Userflows, Scalable Design, Contextual Design, Information Architecture, Wire-framing, Spec Requirements

Wire-frames and prototypes the information architecture for Olay email. Read more...

Summer 2014


    Rapid Wire-framing, Rule of Thirds, Specs Requirements, Scalable and Contextual Design, Information Architecture

The goal was to clearly communicate design ideas—not to produce a final design. Focus was on the non-graphical aspects of user interface design, such as control placement, ease-of-use, and consideration of user workflow. Read more...

6 hours

    Medical Triage

    Interaction Design, Lo-fi Mockup, User Flows, Information Architecture