Sense Xpress

Ever though of touching your family over the web? touch here!

Instituto Cervantes

Promotion of E-learning Spanish Resources

Microsoft Surface- Marketing Research Design & Analysis

Is it good idea to market Microsoft Surface to UFM students?

Contextual Inquiry & Project Management @ ForeSee Inc.

Analysis of Information Flow Breakdown

Qmetry- User Assessment Needs and Evaulation

Finding what users want from users for a QA testing suite

Vinyaasa Architecture & Design

Website design and development

Google Design Jam

What is the next big thing Google can do?

Hallway Usability Test with whenisgood.net

How do users interact with this website


Résumé Preview

The résumé can be downloaded in pdf format here


•Choice Architecture (Erin Krupa)    •Market Research Design & Analysis (Anocha Aribarg)    •Contextual Inquiry & Project Mgmt.     •Fundamentals of Human Behavior

•Usability Needs Assessment and Evaluation    •Survey Design      •Design of Complex Websites (Colleen Lent)    • Information in Social Systems